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The reason for the decision of the head coach of national football team Miron Markevich on the voluntary resignation was discrimination.
25.08.2010 12:53
After the football match FC Arsenal (Kyiv) – FC Volyn, there was a mass fight. The attempted murder was committed.
19.08.2010 14:13
Superheavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko, who owns the title of world champion version WBC, will hold a duel with former world champion version WBO American Shannon Briggs.
18.08.2010 14:21
Football Federation of Ukraine acknowledged the match between FC Metalist (Kharkiv) and FC Karpaty (Lviv) the fixed one and deprived both teams of 9 points in the championship of Ukraine ...
17.08.2010 16:27
On Sunday the 6th round of the Football Championship of Ukraine has finished. But the matter will be about the unpleasant episode that occurred before the start of the match ...
16.08.2010 10:20
Brazilian forward Andre, who was purchased by FC Dynamo (Kyiv) from FC Santos, arrived in the Kyiv football club.
13.08.2010 11:32
Ukrainian police officers, doctors and customs officers who will be involved in hosting the finals of the Euro 2012 European Football Championship will pass special courses in the main European ...
12.08.2010 17:54
The national team of Ukraine played a draw game 1:1 in a friendly match with the reserve composition of vice champions of the world in Donetsk.
12.08.2010 12:24
UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino has praised the current stage of Lviv's preparations for hosting the Euro 2012 European Football Championship.
11.08.2010 17:31
FC Shakhtar (Donetsk) intends to propose the idea of merging the Cup of Russia and Ukraine.
10.08.2010 12:23
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