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On Tuesday, Feb. 9, the National Bank of Ukraine decided to transfer the assets and liabilities of the bank Nadra in Rodovid Bank.
10.02.2010 10:32
The second wave of crisis in connection with the accumulation of problem assets is coming in the banking system of Ukraine.
05.02.2010 17:25
Technical failure in work of one of the largest networks in Ukraine - payment terminals iBox, consisting of 5,340 vehicles, called off all terminals of the network on Friday.
01.02.2010 16:49
The so-called bronze prize-winner of the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine Serhiy Tyhypko is ready to take the chair of the Prime Minister, but on his own terms...
26.01.2010 13:03
The Kyiv Prosecutor's Office attached the property of the accused and people involved in the case of the Nadra bank (Kyiv) in the sum over Hr 500 mn.
25.01.2010 14:03
Presidential candidate, former governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Serhiy Tyhypko says that he is not interested in the post of the NBU governor at the moment.
18.01.2010 17:03
Instability is possible on the foreign currency market of Ukraine. Among the causes are the election of the President, the absence of the state budget for 2010, as well as ...
18.01.2010 11:52
National Bank of Ukraine asks Ukrainians to remain calm and "and not to buy the foreign currency”.
15.01.2010 11:57
MP Portnov requested materials of case on misappropriation of funds belonging to depositors of bank Ukraine amounting to 2 bn karbovanetz (where Presidents appeared).
14.01.2010 15:51
The dollar exchange rate to the hryvnia will stabilize in the near term.
13.01.2010 17:46
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