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President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych does not intend to dismiss the incumbent head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Volodymyr Stelmakh. The Head of State claimed this during a ...
12.03.2010 17:50
Kyiv Prosecutor's Office sent the Appeal Court of Kyiv a criminal case on suspicion of 8 people in abstraction during January-June 2008 by means of deception and abuse of confidence ...
11.03.2010 17:19
Rodovid Bank (Kyiv) is seeking suspension of the resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) on the liquidation of Ukrprombank (Kyiv) by judicial process.
04.03.2010 14:17
Cabinet-controlled Rodovid Bank has obtained crisis-hit Ukrprombank's liabilities to individuals only, whereas Ukrprombank's assets were also planned to be transferred to Rodovid.
16.02.2010 16:34
Leader of the Sylna Ukraina party Serhii Tyhypko does not rule out he may initiate the reduction of social standards if he is elected as Prime Minister.
16.02.2010 13:04
The National Bank of Ukraine has decided not to give the businessman Dmytro Firtash the status of the investor for the bank Nadra.
15.02.2010 13:26
Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has developed draft guidelines of antirecessionary actions in 2010.
15.02.2010 12:54
The Board of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has prolonged for one year work of the provisional administration in the bank Nadra - up to February 9 2011.
12.02.2010 12:45
The Finance Ministry of Ukraine has proposed to cancel a resolution of the Cabinet of Dec. 23, 2009 on the transfer of liabilities and assets of Nadra Bank to Rodovid ...
11.02.2010 14:16
On Tuesday, February 9, the branch of Pravex-Bank was robbed in Kharkiv. On the same day a hooligan attack was committed on the branch of Oshchadbank in Poltava.
10.02.2010 12:00
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