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The NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) decided to liquidate bank ‘Sintez’ (Kyiv) which is included into the group of small banks, according to the NBU report.
03.11.2010 13:15
Ukraine ranks the first in the amount of financial assistance among the countries of Eastern Europe during the global financial crisis. Experts of the IMF have come to such conclusion.
21.10.2010 10:12
SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) exposed a gang of hackers who stole from the accounts of the citizens of Europe and the U.S. 40 million US dollars within a year, ...
05.10.2010 17:40
The Ukrainian government is insistently working on the creation of a favorable investment climate in Ukraine.
10.09.2010 17:46
The National Bank of Ukraine said that the number of swindles with pay cards has increased.
18.08.2010 17:41
The British media are writing about Ukrainian, 30 who has been living in Great Britain for a long time.
17.08.2010 10:24
NBU will remove foreign exchange restrictions for banks within a framework of cooperation with the IMF.
11.08.2010 12:31
PrivatBank plans to involve initiative citizens into searching for fraudsters by means of global network.
05.08.2010 12:57
Ukraine may receive from the EBRD a credit in the amount of 450 million Euros for the furniture of access roads to Kyiv and the completion of the reconstruction of ...
03.08.2010 11:12
Board of governors of IMF on Wednesday approved the granting 30-month stabilization credit line to Ukraine amounting to 10 billion SDR (special drawing rights, equivalent to approximately to 15.15 billion ...
29.07.2010 10:42
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