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The whole Europe is paralyzed by snow. Abundant precipitation and frosts of the Jenna cyclone have caused traffic jums with the length of many kilometers. The number of traffic accidents ...
30.11.2010 11:53
In the old times a blind man was begging or walking on a country with bandura and boy, guide, singing the songs. But it was in ancient times. Today bandura ...
24.11.2010 10:10
The driver from the state Kansas invented a new way of transporting horses.
22.11.2010 14:08
The Chinese have solved the problem of women who live with a complex of small breasts.
19.11.2010 16:14
A former military pilot and now an inventor and aviaentuziast Eve Rossi (known as a Rocket Man) committed a feat: using a modification of his monowing, made two dead loops.
17.11.2010 15:42
"Do you want another rap?" - This question of Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has become a disco hit, which sounds in all the clubs of the country.
15.11.2010 13:18
The first in the history of the Russian automobile industry sportcar has appeared on the roads of Kyiv already.
12.11.2010 14:13
Illusionist from Winnipeg Dean Gunnarson wanted to be buried alive and be out of the coffin. As reported by TV Channel NewsOne, a 46-year old man was buried on Friday ...
10.11.2010 18:02
Chupacabra is becoming a popular label of Ukrainian backwoods. The media sources are constantly telling people about the terrible evil deeds of the beast.
08.11.2010 11:48
Slip of the tongue of the French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux about ‘fingerprints of genitalia’ has become the new Internet sensation.
05.11.2010 16:12
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