27.01.2011 15:14

Yanukovych, Ki-moon discuss joint efforts in overcoming global food crisis


President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as part of the World Economic Forum in Davos discussed the issues of nuclear and food security, the presidential press office said.

During the meeting, the UN Secretary-General expressed concern over the global trend of rising prices for food products. "This leads to crises in many countries," Ban Ki-moon underlined. "We, the UN, are looking for ways to overcome these phenomena," he said.

In this context the sides discussed the possibility of cooperation between the UN and Ukraine in overcoming the food crisis. "We aim to actively join the UN programs for food security," Yanukovych stressed, noting that "in Ukraine there are appropriate opportunities for agricultural production".

Speaking about food security, the Ukrainian president also stressed the importance of the agreements reached on this issue with Japan, which he visited last week. "Today we will combine the efforts of Ukraine, investment and technological capabilities of Japan to significantly increase food products and their supplies to world markets," Yanukovych added.

Discussing nuclear security, the Ukrainian president expressed confidence that it is time for Ukraine to actively restore the lands affected by the Chornobyl accident, and bring a normal life back to them. In this context, he noted the absolute importance of appropriate technological experience of Japan.

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