13.01.2011 18:02

Russian FM Lavrov: Ukrainian federal national cultural autonomy closed for political activity


The Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Ukrainians of Russia (FNCA UR) was shut down for holding political activity, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a press conference dedicated to Russia's foreign policy outcomes in 2010 on Thursday in Moscow.

"The activity of the FNCA UR was shut down since its leadership was working not to address the cultural and educational issues and implement relevant projects, as stated in its charter, but was carrying out, in fact, political activity," Lavrov said, answering the question from an UKRINFORM correspondent in Russia.

He noted that in the activities of FNCA UR violations were also found related to the organization's charter and its registration.

The Russian Foreign Minister did not rule out the appearance of new institutions of the Ukrainian diaspora in the country. "I proceed from the fact that no one prevents the Ukrainian community in the Russian Federation from forming a structure that would meet the tasks that are declared, and this question will be closed," Lavrov stressed.

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