07.06.2010 17:58

Yanukovych and Tihipko got ahead of Tymoshenko


Yulia Tymoshenko lost her second place in the list of contenders for the presidency, the director of the Kyiv Horshenin Institute of management problems Volodymyr Fesenko told about it, the MIGnews.com.ua correspondent reports.

According to expert, a survey made by the Horshenin Institute, showed that if presidential elections were held next Sunday, Yulia Tymoshenko would take third place after the current Head of state and bronze medal winner of the presidential race Serhii Tihipko.

"Tymoshenko has lost this place for the first time. On the one hand, public sentiment, public support for the new government promote it. On the other hand, the sphere of influence of the opposition has reduced greatly", - said the political scientist.

At the same time, Volodymyr Fesenko stressed that such high positions of President Viktor Yanukovych are only temporary.

According to expert, President Viktor Yanukovych does not reject democracy, but also does not increase it. “Viktor Yanukovych wants to make a contract with society. He says, I raise your level of wealth, in exchange for the formation of a new political regime. However, he does not reject democracy, but also does not stress it"- said Volodymyr Fesenko.

As for the Program of economic reforms, presented in Parliament last week, the political scientist expressed his opinion: "Yanukovych should carry out his reforms at least partially. He understands that if he does not do what I said, he will be criticized”.

Also, the political scientist noted that Viktor Yanukovych will agree with the Ukrainians about the authoritarianism in exchange for economic and social reforms.

By Yulia Makoveeva, MIGnews.com.ua

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