19.04.2010 16:54

New principle of elections: not for love but for convenience


Ukrainian voters are tired of total war between the major political top players. Now the elections in Ukraine will be held based on new principles - not for love but for convenience.

The introduction of the majoritarian system of elections will not only weaken the political parties, but also will strengthen regional and highly specialized projects that may be an alternative to all-Ukrainian megablocs. The Deputy Director of the Agency for Modeling Situations (AMS) Oleksii Holobutskyi comments in such way prospects for introduction of a majoritarian system in elections to local authorities.

"Voters are tired of the total war for destruction between the major political players. Therefore, it is already impossible to restrain the creation of highly specialized or regional projects. Moreover, the return to the majoritarian elections will not only weaken these processes, but only increase them. Ordinary voter wants to see effective local government, capable to settle the following issues - hot water, working sewage system, well-groomed entrances and repaired roads "- the expert is convinced.

Therefore, according to Oleksii Holobutskyi, the voter will vote not for the Party of Regions or The Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT), but for associations such as, for example, Communal front both in Lviv and Luhansk. "Majority candidates fighting for the voters' confidence, also will have to apply to the authority and experience of new political forces which demonstrate understanding and ability to deal with local problems", - said the expert.

According to Oleksii Holobutskyi, the time has gone in Ukraine when the voter voted more emotionally than rationally. "After the last presidential election the voter is unlikely to vote using his heart, and in local elections - also. Therefore, specialized, regional projects, and even the personalized blocs of reputable local politicians will appear in the regions", - UNIAN cites deputy director of the Agency for Modeling situations as saying.

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