23.12.2009 13:47

No credit from IMF before New Year!


The Ministry of Finance recognized that the fourth tranche of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Ukraine will not be assigned, the Acting Minister of Finance Ihor Umansky informed reporters in the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to him, there are many reasons which have leaded to such a situation. "This year revision of arrangements with the IMF is not possible due to some reasons, the first of which is our internal problems and lack of consolidation of major political institutions," - he claimed.

"The IMF has decided not to grant the fourth tranche of the loan in connection with the law on raising social standards, and because of the failure to adopt the budget for 2010," said Ihor Umansky. The official noted that when the budget process begins, authorities will make a decision on the arrival of the IMF mission in Ukraine.

In turn, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko claimed that Ukraine continues its cooperation with the IMF and will continue it after the New Year. "This cooperation does not apply to attraction of funds to Ukraine from the International Monetary Fund. Now the issue is not so breaking, so I will inform it when decisions will be made", - said the head of the government, noting that we will be able to get all loans after adoption of the budget for 2010.

By Yulia Makoveeva, MIGnews.com.ua

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