29.12.2010 11:13

Tickets for UEFA EURO 2012 will be cheaper than 50 euros


Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for EURO 2012 in Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky said that tickets for the football championship games will be affordable to the Ukrainians.

"The UEFA policy is as follows: tickets must be maximum available to residents of the countries where the tournament will be held," Lubkivsky said, adding, "Now it is known that their prices will be uniform in Poland and Ukraine. It is already clear to us how much they will cost. But we can not disclose this information. Let me just say that the prices will be slightly below those that were in Austria and Switzerland."

It is worth noting that the price of tickets for group matches of EURO 2008 cost from 50 euros.

The Sale of tickets for Euro 2012 kicks off in March at the official site of UEFA. UKRINFORM

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