16.12.2010 16:49

Platini urges Ukraine to unite efforts and prepare properly for Euro 2012


UEFA President Michel Platini has reminded Ukraine that it has a year and a half to complete its preparations for hosting the Euro 2012 European Football Championship.

"You have only a year and a half left. But there is still much to do and many obstacles to overcome. This is possible only under one condition, and this condition is unity," Platini said in a message handed to the 12th Congress of the Football Federation of Ukraine by member of UEFA Executive Committee Frantisek Laurinec.

The UEFA president stressed that the unity of the football family will help achieve what seemed impossible not so long ago – for Ukraine to host one of the greatest sporting events in the world.

In his address, Platini thanked FFU President Hryhoriy Surkis for his efforts in preparing Ukraine for Euro 2012.

He said that the fate of the entire European football family was in the hands of the FFU president, and urged him not to let them down. Interfax-Ukraine

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