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Funny talismans of Euro 2012 began to tour all over Ukraine. Photo


Talismans of Euro 2012 have come to Ukraine: football brothers (a Pole and a Ukrainian) – have visited Lviv at the weekend, and then will go to Donetsk, Kharkiv and Kyiv. As a reminder, talismans, created in Hollywood, were introduced for the first time on November 16 in Warsaw.

The appearance of living Euro dolls in Lviv has caused excitement. Twins are not talking and still have no names. They just move, jump and kick the ball. The results of the vote on the names will be announced in Warsaw on December 4. Fans have to choose between three pairs of names: Slavek and Slavko, Shemko and Strimko, Klemek and Ladko. The majority of the people like the first variant.

Young Ukrainian actors (in Poland – local actors) play the roles of talismans, who have been hired in the agency. There are six of them. Three pairs replace each other. It is difficult to be in the suit which has a weight 10 kg, Segodnya cites the organizers as saying.

The tour of talismans in Ukraine

Lviv: on November 20-21

Donetsk: on November 23-24

Kharkiv: on November 26-27

Kyiv: on November 28-29

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