01.11.2010 12:47

Ukraine will go to law for image of Euro-2012


Ukraine may apply to the court, if the campaign is continued to discredit the country, involving accusations of bribery of members of the UEFA for obtaining the right to host the finals of Euro 2012 together with Poland, according to Deputy Prime Minister Borys Kolesnykov.

"I am confident that Ukraine has not bribed anyone. Our bid was won fairly; moreover, the head of UEFA since his election had a public position – big football must move to the east of Europe. So here we have, as they say," false alarm"- said Borys Kolesnykov, commenting on the accusations made by the Cypriot football functionary Spyros Marangos.

He also said: "Another thing is that the matter is not about someone's stupidity – the matter is about image and prestige of our country. So it is possible to discredit any country in the world. If there was even one percent of truth, we would not have the championship at all. And if this campaign is continued to discredit the country, Ukraine will also appeal to the courts."

"In fact, there is no Surkis or Kolesnykova in the case, there is only Ukraine - and that is why we will fight till the end. No one will let damage the image of Ukraine," - said Borys Kolesnykov.

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, last week Italian mass media citing Spiros Marangos as saying, called the name of the person who allegedly paid 2-3 million Euros to four members of the UEFA Executive Committee - head of the Ukrainian Federation Hryhorii Surkis. However, Spiros Marangos denied this: "I categorically state that I have not told the names of those who gave the bribe. This refers both to Hryhorii Surkis. A journalist of Gazzetta Dello Sport wrote about him without the knowledge". Cypriot added that he was going to be at law with the journalists. At the same time, the UEFA filed a formal complaint against Spyros Marangos to the Swiss Criminal Court. Based on materials of Interfax-Ukraine, Segodnya


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