29.10.2010 09:39

Italy wants to take Euro 2012 away from Ukraine and Poland


The Italian government decided to initiate an investigation into possible collusion during the vote of UEFA executive committee where the right to host the European Championship-2012 was given to Ukraine and Poland. Immediately prior to the vote the Italian application was considered to the favorite, but the countries of Eastern Europe won - the preferences were distributed with a score of 8:4.

Despite the fact that the choice in favor of Poland and Ukraine was made in 2007, previous weekend, former member of the Football Association of Cyprus Spyros Marangos made a sensational statement: UEFA representatives gave the tournament to the two countries for a bribe in the amount of 11 million Euros. Later, the governing body of European football demanded from the disgraced functionary evidence of his words, otherwise legal proceedings would begin against him. Still, the Italians addressed to the court.

"If the crime was committed, the guilty would be prosecuted," - said minister of sport of Italy Rocco Crimi, who added that the country would be ready to hold the Euro-2012, if necessary, reports Sport-Express.

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, UEFA announced its intention on October 27 to bring the action against Spyros Marangos, who did not provide evidence of official corruption while the arrangement choosing the organizers of the Euro 2012 in 2007.

On Wednesday, October 27, Spyros Marangos said in an interview with the Italian press that he was willing to provide evidence of bribery of four officials of the UEFA.

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