28.10.2010 11:35

Cypriot promises UEFA evidence of Ukraine’s bribery


Figure of the Football Federation of Cyprus Spyros Marangos is satisfied with the intention of the UEFA (Union of European Football Association) to bring action against him in court for accusation of members of the executive committee of UEFA of corruption. Cypriot, who accused the Ukraine and Poland in the bribery of officials of UEFA in order to get the right to arrange the Euro 2012, told Polish newspaper Rzeczposplita on Wednesday, October 27.

Spyros Marangos said that the Cyprus legislation does not allow him as a private individual to initiate a case on corruption in the European federation, whose activities are not regulated by national legislation. According to him, law enforcement authorities of Cyprus can begin an investigation only after the appropriate address of UEFA.

"Cypriot assures that he knows witnesses of the incident when votes were bribed in a law office in Limassol, which serves the Ukrainian firm, at least four officials of the UEFA," - wrote the newspaper.

At the same time, the legislation of Switzerland, the European football federation operated on whose basis, in practice makes it impossible the involvement of its figures to the responsibility for corruption, UNIAN reports.

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, UEFA announced its intention on October 27 to bring action against Spyros Marangosa, who did not provide evidence of official corruption of officials of the organization while the determination of the organizers of Euro 2012 in 2007.

Corruption scandal emerged this weekend after publication in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. According to it, the Ukrainians and Poles paid 11 million Euros to five members of the Executive Committee of UEFA for the right to host the championship. Representatives of UEFA and Football Federations of Poland and Ukraine and the Ukrainian and Polish authorities called the accusations groundless.


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