27.01.2011 13:28

Lawyer: Pre-trial investigation on Lutsenko case completed


A pre-trial investigation on a criminal case opened against former Ukrainian Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko has been completed, his lawyer Ihor Fomin has said.

He said that on January 26, 2011, another criminal case had been opened against Lutsenko under Part 2, Article 365 (abuse of office) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. He said that charges had been brought against Lutsenko due to the fact that in 2008-2009 he spent about UAH 600,000 for the celebration of Police Day. These funds were used to rent the hall of the Ukraina Palace in 2008-2009. The investigators believe that Lutsenko violated a Cabinet of Ministers resolution on budget savings during the financial and economic crisis.

Lutsenko's lawyer said he had been surprised by such an accusation and that no attention was paid to this fact in 2008-2009, despite the fact that the celebration was attended by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (2005-2010), who presented awards on the occasion of Police Day.

Fomin said that the investigators had filed charges against Lutsenko in this criminal case, uniting all of the three criminal cases into one, and announced the completion of a pre-trial investigation. "From now on, Lutsenko and I start familiarizing with the criminal case materials," Fomin said.

As reported, Lutsenko was taken into custody for two months under a motion submitted by the Prosecutor General's Office late in December 2010. UKRINFORM

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