23.12.2010 17:05

Kyrylenko summoned to prosecutor's office for questioning because of April 27 fight in parliament


The prosecutor's office in Kyiv has summoned For Ukraine! Party deputies for questioning as part of a criminal case regarding the April 27 fight in the Verkhovna Rada when it ratified an agreement extending the Russian Black Sea Fleet's presence in Ukraine after 2017, the party's press service has reported.

"In particular, I received a summons to come to the prosecutor's office in Kyiv," the party's press service quoted party leader Viacheslav Kyrylenko as saying.

He said that during the ratification of this agreement, "deputies from the For Ukraine! group who were in their seats had been brutally beaten by the same 'lawmakers' from the Regions Party."

"However, the prosecutor's office refused to open criminal cases on the beating of Oles Doniy, Volodymyr Karpuk and other deputies," Kyrylenko said.

"We believe that summons to the prosecutor's office for questioning are pressure on the opposition," Kyrylenko said.

As reported, on April 27, 2010, the Ukrainian parliament ratified an agreement extending the lease on the Russian Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory. The vote took place in an atmosphere of extreme tension in the session hall. Eggs were hurled at the presidium immediately after the opening of the plenary session. Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn was forced to shelter under two black umbrellas. Several smoke bombs were later set off, and coalition and opposition lawmakers brawled with each other in the hall.

On April 28, the prosecutor's office in Kyiv opened a criminal case on hooliganism committed by a group of Ukrainian lawmakers in the session hall of the Ukrainian parliament on April 27. Interfax-Ukraine

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