08.06.2010 16:45

Accounts of Yushchenko’s Fund to be blocked?


Private enterprise Ukrainian Film Foundation, founded by the International Charitable Fund Ukraine 3000 at the head of Kateryna Yushchenko, ignores the trial of copyright infringement. This was reported in the press service of the Socialist Party of Ukraine.

Representatives of the respondent (Ukrainian Film Foundation) did not appear at another hearing on June 4, 2010 in the Podolsk district court of Kyiv at the suit of the general producer of the film Orange Sky Yaroslav Mendus. They also did not file an application for postponement of the hearing. In addition, the defendant was obliged to give the documents that are evidence in the case, but he ignored the request of the court, reports IMC.

The press service of the Socialist Party of Ukraine reminded that in January 2010 producer general of the film Orange Sky Yaroslav Mendus filed to the Podolsk district court in Kyiv claim to private enterprise Ukrainian Film Foundation in connection with copyright infringement on the film Orange Sky, which was demonstrated in Poland, under the project Ukrainian cinema in the world by the Kateryna Yushchenko Fund without permission for distribution.

According to lawyers of the International Legal Center Euroconsulting, who represent the interests of Yaroslav Mendus, such contempt of court is due to procedural position of Ukrainian Film Foundation.

The representative of defendant said at the first meetings that the Ukrainian Film Foundation is not involved in the demonstration of the film Orange Sky at the film festival. This is a blatant lie, as the head of the fund Andrii Khalpakhchi acknowledged the existence of a legal conflict, which is based on the fact of an unauthorized demonstration of this film at the film festival in Poland in November 2009.

Plaintiff's lawyers will solicit for summoning Andrii Khalpakhchi as a witness to testify in the case to clarify the circumstances of copyright infringement.

Yaroslav Mendus believes that the fact of the intellectual theft by Ukrainian Film Foundation can and must be proved in court.

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