08.06.2010 15:41

NEWSFLASH! Court made decision: no 5 Channel?!


Fears of Ukrainian and foreign public about the possible collapse of freedom of speech in Ukraine today are closer than ever to reality. The court made a decision to close one of the most popular and free channels – 5 Channel. The judiciary deprived the channel of frequencies for broadcasting. Another channel – ТVі is also involved into scandal.

Today the District Administrative Court of Kyiv has satisfied the requirements of the group of TV channels Inter completely. As stated in the report of 5 channel, the decision of the National Council on Television and Radio is appealed of January 27 last year to give ТVі and 5 channel frequencies for broadcasting.

The Director-General of ТVі Mykola Kniazhitskyi commented on the decision of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, saying that it has not come into effect, and TV channel intends to appeal this decision.

National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting made an official statement regarding the judicial process as a result of competition for the available frequencies.

Party For Ukraine! will initiate the establishment of the Interim Commission of Inquiry to examine the circumstances of deprivation of 5 channel and TVi of frequencies. "Depriving the frequencies of two national TV channels cannot occur without the knowledge of the country's leadership and directly the President Yanukovych. Therefore, the actual destruction of two channels leaves no illusions - the power started curtailing democratic rights and freedoms of Ukrainians", - said the chairman of the party For Ukraine! Viacheslav Kyrylenko.

5 Channel will not be closed by any of the courts, deputy head of the Presidential Administration Hanna Herman said.

Recent developments in the country show: the new government has a clear policy of liquidating the rights and freedoms of citizens and anti-democratic processes are gaining momentum in Ukraine, according to the statement of the party People’s Self-Defense.

Previously, the editorial board of 5 channel appealed with an open letter to President Viktor Yanukovych with a request to protect journalists in the situation surrounding the trial.

According to the staff of the channel, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, a member of the Supreme Council of Justice and a prominent businessman Valeri Khoroshkovskyi, who is considered close to the TV channel Inter, influences on the process against 5 Channel. Based on materials from IMC, Interfax-Ukraine

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