20.04.2010 10:18

Prosecutor’s office closed case against Bodelan (updated at 12:11 am)


On April 19 prosecutor's office in the Odesa region closed the criminal case against the former mayor of Odesa Ruslan Bodelan, told a spokesman for prosecutor’s office. "This decision has been made on the basis of the results of interrogation of a citizen Bodelan which took place on April 10 2010", - he said. The spokesman for prosecutor’s office explained that a case is closed due to lack of corpus delicti.

As known, the criminal case on suspicion of abuse of power was opened by prosecutor’s office of the Odesa Region in April 2005. He was suspected in the illegal transfer of the private nature of the land owned to the urban community, writes Ukrainskaya pravda.

Ruslan Bodelan has never been questioned, and then disappeared from the territory of Ukraine and was put to the international wanted list. In December 2005, Prosecutor’s office of the Odesa Region suspended investigation of the case against Bodelan.

However, in April 2010 the General Prosecutor’s Office canceled a decision on suspension of pre-trial investigation of the criminal case against Ruslan Bodelan and sent the case to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Odesa Region.

12:11 am At the same time, prosecutor’s office in the Odesa Region does not confirm information about the closure of the criminal case against ex-mayor of Odesa Ruslan Bodelan. "I have no such information. On the contrary, not so long ago, Vasyl (prosecutor in the Odesa Region) told the media that the case is not closed", - said the spokesperson of the press service of the prosecutor’s office Olena Abramova on Tuesday.


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