19.04.2010 17:52

Crimea begins worry: Union to be restored?


The talks have appeared about the return of the great and powerful Union of Ukraine and Russia after President Viktor Yanukovych came to power. He is trying to recover relations between the two countries which were ruined during the reign of Viktor Yushchenko.

Today the Crimea demands from the new authorities to restore complete military and political and economic union between Ukraine and Russia.

On Monday rally devoted to the 227th anniversary of the signing by the Russian Empress Catherine II manifest of joining the Crimea to Russia in the central city park in Simferopol. The participants adopted a resolution: "Any attempt to break the historical and political unity of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, will be doomed to failure. Modern Ukraine does not need integration into Europe. Ukraine needs to restore complete military and political and economic union with Russia."

The action took place in a central city park near the stone, where restoring of the monument to Catherine II, which previously existed, but was destroyed during the Soviet era is planned to realize. The rally was organized by the All-Crimean socio-political movement Russian Unity with the participation of associations of the Cossacks of the Crimea, the Russian community of the Crimea, the Crimean organization of the party Russian bloc.

Before the beginning of the rally its participants, about 800 people marched through the main streets of Simferopol with numerous flags of the party and state flags of Russia and a large banner: "Thanks to Catherine II the Great, who reunited the Crimea with Russia!". At the rally, the participants were shouting: "Russia!" Russia!".

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