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Cultural revolution during EURO-2012. Photo


Georgian director and playwright Raguli Vlasidze has leaded the football and art movement. He is sure that EURO-2012 is a great chance for Ukraine to express itself on the world stage. He has been living here for many years already, writes Deutsche Welle.

The essence of the art project invented by Raguli Vlasidze is that Ukrainians should use the time remaining until the opening of the championship, for the international football festival. The central event in it will be the creation of a giant carpet with the size of a football field. Everyone will be able to tie his knot on it - a sign of the unity of Ukraine and Europe. There will be about 2 million (!) knots.

The piece of art will be decorated by means of symbolic - the Ukrainian embroidery and flags of countries hosting the championship. According to the plan of Raguli Vlasidze, at the opening ceremony of EURO-2012 the carpet will be spread at the football field of the stadium, and then it will be lifted in the sky by helicopters. "The carpet will be done in Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Kyiv, Warsaw and then in Paris and London" - told the project manager.

Thanks to Raguli Vlasidze and Kolomya potter Serhii Nykorovych Ukraine will receive unique and exclusive symbols of the tournament - ceramic maces with the tip in the form of a ball. During the EURO-2012 it will be presented to the most outstanding guests of the EURO 2012. "We have already prepared 12 super maces" - told Raguli Vlasidze.

The world's first icon of the Mother of God with Jesus with the football field and ball will play the important role also. Prykarpatskyi iconograph Vasyl Stefurak has invented it. "It is a good sign. We have looked at it - there is no heresy, and that is why we have blessed it," - said the Bishop of Kolomya-Chernivtsi eparchy Mykola Symkailo

In November a large-scale presentation of the project is planned to hold in Ukraine and abroad. The festival will begin in the spring of 2011.

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