09.11.2010 12:04

Nadra bank will be saved and Rodovid will be liquidated?


A few days ago the IMF (International Monetary Fund) said that the two troubled banks - Rodovid and Nadra had to be liquidated, without recapitalization (i.e., to keep them at the cost of public funds). According to the IMF, recapitalization is a waste of money from the budget, which will be given to investors anyway. Some Ukrainian bankers agreed with the IMF saying that it was useless to save those banks.

Naturally, depositors of those banks were upset due to such information. Moreover, a month ago Rodovid reduced the daily payments on deposits tenfold, up to 100 hryvnia for one person. What will happen with problem banks? The deputy head of the parliamentary committee on banking activity Stanyslav Arzhevytyn is sure that the issue will be settled before the end of the year. He did not rule out that Rodovid would be liquidated, and investor would come to Nadra.

"Most likely, investor will be Dmytro Firtash on equal footing with the state (beforehand 50 to 50 - editor.), - the press service of the bank reported. - Now the bank gives 5-10 percents of the deposit if the depositor extends the contract. You can pay by means of banking card 5,000 hryvnia during a month, but no more than 2,500 hryvnia a day. Rodovid officials are not commenting on the situation, reports Segodnya.

Head of the press service of the NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) Serhii Shumikhin explained that the NBU will not change the opinion: both banks should be recapitalized (Nadra needs about 10 billion hryvnia, Rodovid - up to 6 billion hryvnia), but only the Cabinet of Ministers will make the final decision. According to analyst Oleksandr Zholud, the banks will not be liquidated and it will be recapitalized till the end of the year.

As for Rodovid, it will be re-financed for political reasons: not to let the opposition the reason for criticism, the expert says. The National Bank also approves the recovery of the band because it has already invested about 5 billion hryvnia into Rodovid and hopes to return them. But the situation in Rodovid, according to Oleksandr Jolud, is worse than Nadra: they have the lack of money due to debts of investors of Ukrprombank liquidated which have been transferred in 2008 and there is no inflow of deposits; on the contrary, clients are taking the money actively.


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