07.06.2010 15:52

Ukraine has no strength and will renounce Euro


Ukraine has no political strength and will to renounce the Euro, said deputy director for scientific work of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, doctor of Economic Sciences Valeri Novytskyi.

“Ukraine has no good relationship the country wanted to have with European Union. Renouncing Euro would be too bold political step which would made impossible the development of integration processes into Europe”, expert said.

“The Eurozone reacts on all economic events, fluctuations and shocks in the different way. The external form does not correspond to the interior context. On the other hand, the efficient policy of stimulating research and scientific development is not being carried on in the European Union. That is why one can say that the Eurozone and European Union fall behind in the global competitive struggle in comparison with the U.S. and China, Japan and countries of Asian-Pacific Council region. Therefore, there is serious apprehension that the Euro may disappear after some time. Today there are talks that someone can refuse to participate in the Eurozone, but in some cases one can force to suspend its participation in it. Today it is clear that the Euro is unprofitable for either Greece or Germany, so there are serious problems with the Euro, although now they are trying to save it. They are trying to pull up Greece, Portugal, and Spain to the EU standards", - the expert added.

Valeri Novytskyi also believes that people should not convert Euros to dollars, as the latter currency also does not demonstrate the stability, reports IMC. "The dollar is also not a stable and reliable currency. If you can spend money, spend it for goals of a personal investment - in education or health, "- the expert sums up.

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