19.04.2010 13:18

Volcanic collapse: Foreign Ministry to assist Ukrainians in leaving EU


Due to the cancellation of flights many Ukrainians have been held up in the airports of Europe for a long time. Some of them say their visa is expiring now. Our citizens, who managed to pass registration for the flight, whose terms of visa expired and they cannot leave transit zone, have got in the peculiar situation. “We have money only to buy a cup of coffee”, one of Ukrainian employees who is sitting in the airport of Europe, writes in the comments in the Internet. “They refuse to let us going into the city. They say: live here. If you die, we will send you to your Motherland for free”, Segodnya writes.

The Foreign Ministry advises Ukrainians first of all to apply to the airline, which was to ensure that flight, as well as to a travel agency (if it was the tour). "The airlines and travel agencies are responsible for the delay, but not the tourists” - said the head of the press service of the Foreign Ministry Serhii Saenko. - And they should pass the documentation regarding the reasons for the delay of aircrafts to the customs and border services and solve problems with visas. If the person is refused, he should contact the consular department for legal aid, and our experts will be included to the settlement of the issue. The same applies to cases when our citizens are sitting without a visa in the transit zone. "

Meanwhile, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin instructed the Foreign Ministry to organize the delivery of Russian citizens who are in airports if Europe, by buses home. And what about Ukraine? "Our citizens can also apply to the Ukrainian consulates, and it will help them, - said Serhii Saenko. - The Ministry has sent instructions to the consular sections, and we have already helped to move from planes to trains for over 30 Ukrainians. Consuls agree with the airlines, annul the ticket and take Ukrainians home at the price of the ticket".

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