10.12.2009 10:04

Russia's secret service agents left territory of Ukraine


Employees of the Federal Security Service (FSB), working at the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, left the territory of Ukraine, the newspaper Kommersant-Ukraine writes.

The whole Russia's counterintelligence staff left Sevastopil, except two, who are currently abroad, while serving aboard the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

According to the newspaper, the Russian side has requested not to make the fact of departure of the FSB officers public. "And the position of Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine - to fulfill that promise," - said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

Since December 1 a number of media, citing a source in the Russian coercive structures, reported that FSB officers leave the territory of Ukraine. But by the time only command of a special department left Sevastopil, and police operatives were completing "closing documentation”. According to the preliminary information, the FSB officers who performed service in Sevastopil, will be transferred to Novorossiysk.

As a reminder, 19 officers of the FSB, who are engaged in counterintelligence activities, will have to leave the territory of Ukraine, the head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko claimed this summer. They were in Ukraine in accordance with a separate contract clause of the stationing of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia and ensure the safety of Russian sailors. Now this function will be assigned to the military counterintelligence units of SBU in Sevastopil and Symferopil.

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