10.12.2010 12:24

Over 1,200 evacuated from Transcarpathia in threat of dam failure


Floodwaters have hit over 1,100 households and over 121 hectares of farmland, destroyed about 305 meters of water retaining dams, and inundated dozens of populated localities in Transcarpathia (west of Ukraine). Water intakes have been closed in the cities of Khust and Mizhhiria.

Especially critical is the situation in the village of Vilkhivtsi, Tiachiv district. More than 1,200 people were evacuated from the village under the threat of dam failure, UKRINFORM learned from the propaganda center of the emergencies department in Zakarpattia region.

In all, 1,129 people and 235 units of equipment of essential services have been involved to eliminate the impact of adverse weather.

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