08.06.2010 13:54

Police on track of abductors of International Relations Institute student


New information has appeared that may help police operatives to find the intruders in the case on abduction of student Iryna Lazarenko near the International Relations Institute on May 28.

Last Friday law enforcement officers found the abandoned minibus Opel Vivar on Herzen Street opposite the house N. 31. Its owner from the Kyiv Region told that on April 25 he sold the car to the power of attorney at the price of EUR 9,000 to two unknown guys. New owners are not found yet, though detectives have a sketch of one of them, compiled from the words of the previous owner of the minibus.

By all outward appearances it is the bus, which was used for abduction of student. The passenger compartment was almost washed out with soap – probably, the kidnappers tried to remove their fingerprints. Criminologists have found a few hairs, which may belong to Iryna. Now experts are examining it, Podrobnosti reports.

There were many SIM cards with different numbers in the bus. May be, they were used by bandits and the police are examining carefully who and when called from these numbers. Perhaps the cards were thrown on purpose to let the detectives on the wrong track.

Even before police managed to find the car a few days earlier, at the beginning of Shchuseva Street passerby found iPhone of Iryna Lazarenko (there were pictures of the girl and the number of mobile phones of her family and friends). Law enforcement source believe that after the abduction expensive phone was immediately thrown straight on the road.

As a reminder, the student was abducted on May 28 in Kyiv. She is a daughter of ex-head of the State Property Fund Serhii Lazarenko.

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