22.04.2010 11:30

Maniac detained in Chernihiv


Police detained a man suspected in the murders committed in Chernihiv on Wednesday night. The head of the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmytro Andreev told about it. According to him, the detainee, born in 1988, with a diagnose schizophrenia. This person was registered in the mental hospital and held examination in January. A suspect has been detained and is in one of the police units. "He is an ardent supporter of the ideas of fascism and he timed his crimes to the birthday of Hitler", - told Dmytro Andreev.

Currently the operational investigative group, reinforced by members of the Interior Ministry, is working with the documentary base and hold investigation, which confirm the involvement of this person to the commission of crimes.

"The crime instrument has been already found, and we noticed the blood on some things of the detainee, which presumably belongs to his victims," - said Dmytro Andreev. He added that the police cannot yet give the first and the second name of the suspect since investigation has begun, reports Ukrainskaya pravda.

The head of the press service of the Interior Ministry thanked the citizens and physicians of specialized institutions, who "almost every minute were giving information to the police.”

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, on April 20 in the evening a young man attacked the three residents of Chernihiv. He killed them, breaking their heads with a shovel. A fourth victim of the maniac survived.

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