17.02.2010 17:43

Hotels towards Euro-2012 to be built in prohibited zones


The final of the European Football Championship which will be held in Kyiv, may deprive the city of thousands of trees. According to the plan of hotels, which was developed by the Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports, a lot of hotels for participants of Euro 2012 and fans will appear in the green zones: Zhukov island, in the plot of land Verbliud, which is in the Obolon district.

Ecologists beat the alarm. "Apartment-hotel" Zhukov island, thank God, will not be on the territory of the reserve, but still in the green zone, where construction is prohibited," - says ecologist Oleksii Vasyliuk. He is also concerned about plans to build a hotel with 200 rooms and a golf club in the plot of land Verbliud "There are plants, birds and animals listed in the Red Book. Scientists are planning to create a preserved area here, Some of the old oaks have been cut off! If the construction begins, everything will be cut off" - says Vasyliuk.

Builders insist that no one is going to cut off trees. Two-storied houses will be constructed there. Investors of the hotel is a cooperative of individual builders' Konyk. "We will not build in the green zone, we have all permissions. And investors, are 60 businessmen who are included in our cooperative. Among them are a lot of millionaires. We will build a high-class housing, and after the championship these houses will be our property. The ground has been broken already" , - said Ivan Huryn, head of the cooperative.

Not only a hotel, but also golf club, horse base, cottage town will be built in the plot of land Verbliud on the territory amounting to 100 ha of land. As the City Hall reported the territory is in the muck.. "We need to build the hotels for tourists, it is a requirement of the UEFA. The land has been assigned long ago, legally, and no one will change anything," - said the first deputy mayor of Kyiv Anatoli Holubchenko.

According to the architect Serhii Babushkin, who designed the 36-storey hotel for Euro 2012 on Hrushevskoho Street, work at the facilities should begin in March and April, the newspaper Segodnia reports.


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