09.12.2009 09:48

EU to sign association agreement with Ukraine in 2010


The European Union (EU) expects to sign an Association Agreement with Ukraine and Moldova in 2010, reported the day before the European Commissioner for External Relations and Neighborhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner at the press conference after the ministerial meeting of the European Eastern Partnership.

"These agreements are directed at enhancing economic cooperation with these countries" - the European Commissioner claimed.

Earlier, the EU Council issued a statement on the South Caucasian states, according to which the association agreements with them might be signed "under certain conditions." First of all, the matter is about socio-economic and political transformations in these countries.

At the same time, Benita Ferrero-Waldner stressed that the European Eastern Partnership Program "is not aimed at preparing for the entry to the EU "We talked about this before, spoke at the summit Ukraine-EU (on December 4) and repeat now again: the Eastern Partnership - not for this purpose", - said the European Commissioner. According to her, it is impossible to say that "the doors of the EU for these countries are open or closed." "The future is impossible to predict," – Liga cites her as saying.

As a reminder, on last Friday the Association Agreement was not signed at the summit Ukraine-EU.

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