08.12.2009 16:07

Kyiv in bottom of green rating of Europe


Kyiv takes the last place in the green rating of 30 largest cities in Europe. This is the results of a unique study by the Center Economist Intelligence Unit and concern Siemens. It was presented today at the UN Conference on Climate Change.

According to the press service of Siemens-Ukraine, the first rank in the rating belongs to Copenhagen. It is followed by Stockholm, Oslo, Vienna and Amsterdam.

Europe's cities were estimated according to eight categories: carbon dioxide burst, energy consumption, buildings, transportation, water, air quality, waste and land management, environmental policy.

"Our findings indicate that European cities are leaders in the field of environmental development. Thus, for almost all 30-researched cities – where population is about 75 million of people - an indicator of CO2 emissions per person was lower than the average index in EU countries ", - said James Watson, chief editor of Research Center Economist Intelligence Unit and editor of the rating.

The highest scores were received by the cities of Scandinavian countries. The countries of Eastern Europe show much lower rates, Liga reports.

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