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Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Monday left on a one-day official visit to Germany.
30.08.2010 17:29
Arsenii Yatseniuk and other oppositionists may join the Party of Regions, according to the director of the Center for Political Research and Conflictology Mykhailo Pohrebynskyi.
20.08.2010 17:01
Ukrainian entrepreneurs are beginning to prepare for mass street protests against the making an attack on their economic rights by authorities.
19.08.2010 12:41
The fulfillment of IMF requirements regarding reforming pension system in Ukraine is necessary to avoid bankruptcy of the state.
11.08.2010 15:57
Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhii Tihipko is not afraid of being afraid for unpopular reforms.
10.08.2010 16:46
The story of the ex-spokesman for the leader of the NRU (People’s Movement of Ukraine) Dmytro Ponomarchuk can become a sensation.
06.08.2010 10:46
Vice Prime Minister for Economy Serhii Tihipko said that the draft Tax Code published in the Uriadovyi Kurier governmental newspaper on August 3 has not been considered at the meeting ...
04.08.2010 17:45
Today Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Serhii Tihipko told about how he sees his political future.
29.07.2010 17:18
Board of governors of IMF on Wednesday approved the granting 30-month stabilization credit line to Ukraine amounting to 10 billion SDR (special drawing rights, equivalent to approximately to 15.15 billion ...
29.07.2010 10:42
Ukraine is interested in a further development of bilateral relations with Georgia, which is an important regional partner of our state in the Black Sea basin.
16.07.2010 14:25
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