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Vice Prime Minister and Social Policy Minister Sergiy Tigipko has said that Ukraine still has not fulfilled its obligations in full in order to obtain the next tranche of a ...
27.01.2011 13:46
The average pension of men in Ukraine makes up UAH 1,327, women - UAH 827 (USD 1/UAH 7.96), Vice Prime Minister and Social Policy Minister Serhiy Tihipko told a briefing on Thursday.
13.01.2011 17:20
The more the authorities delay with carrying out the pension reform and the less they consider the opinion of the people, the tougher will be its realization for the people, ...
10.12.2010 17:22
Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, leader of "Strong Ukraine" party Serhiy Tigipko says that economic transformations in the country are more important for him than his political rating.
07.12.2010 13:26
Almost 40% of the Ukrainian economy is in the shadows, so reform should be conducted to settle the problem, according to Ukrainian Vice Premier Sergiy Tigipko.
06.12.2010 14:12
The position of the IMF about some reforms is extremely tough, according to Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Serhii Tihipko on Channel 5.
18.11.2010 09:49
Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Serhii Tihipko intends to combine his work in the Cabinet of Ministers with his duties as a deputy in the Dnipropetrovsk regional council.
12.11.2010 16:40
The Ukrainian government is insistently working on the creation of a favorable investment climate in Ukraine.
10.09.2010 17:46
Communist Party of Ukraine faction leader Petro Symonenko proposes to decide the issue with Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Serhii Tihipko.
06.09.2010 15:51
Today, an event has taken place in the Club of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine - the presentation of tax constitution: "The Tax Code - for the welfare of citizens ...
03.09.2010 14:07
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