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Porsche 911 Turbo at the cost of 150 thousand US dollars, which a few years ago belonged to Stepan Chernovetskyi, had a traffic accident. Restoring the car will cost tens ...
30.11.2010 16:44
Chairman of the district administration, the deputy of the regional council Janna Chynkova died in a collision of Mazda-626 and Skoda Fabia on the highway Kharkiv-Krasnohrad.
29.11.2010 13:53
Deputy Head of Department - Head of Investigation Department of Interior Ministry Roman Lytvynov has denied reports that Vladyslav Piskun had tried to commit suicide.
25.11.2010 15:17
The number of traffic accidents has decreased this year (16 percents). However, there are places where serious traffic accidents occur every year.
25.11.2010 11:29
Hundreds of Sevastopil residents yesterday, on Nov. 22 and today come to the scene of the tragedy, to honor the memory of the dead children - Kira, 2, Nastia, 5 ...
23.11.2010 13:53
Vladyslav Piskun, a player of FC Sevastopil, who killed in a traffic accident four people yesterday, on November 22, is arrested and placed in detention facility in Sevastopil police department.
22.11.2010 15:17
The state commission investigating the causes of the traffic accident at a railway crossing near Marhanets in the Dnipropetrovska region found the driver who violated traffic regulations, is guilty of ...
19.11.2010 12:18
As a result of accident involving a van that was transporting Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian tourists on the Hurghada - Safaga road, Ukrainian citizen was killed and four Ukrainian citizens ...
16.11.2010 16:46
Independent Member of Parliament Taras Chornovil consented exhumation of his father's body, former leader of the People’s Movement of Ukraine party Viacheslav Chornovil.
04.11.2010 17:21
The Interior Ministry believed that the collision of public bus with a train at a railway crossing in Marhanets (Dnipropetrovska region) was due to a combination of factors, said Deputy ...
28.10.2010 17:19
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