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In Cherkasy, 47-year-old bachelor-entrepreneur enticed minors to his home, where he raped them and shot it on video.
18.11.2010 16:21
Kyiv police have announced a search for a man who on November 2 2010 committed the rape in the Shevchenkovskyi district on Chornovol vulytsia 10.
16.11.2010 13:42
Employees of the Directorate for combating crimes related to human traffic at the Main Directorate of Interior Ministry in Dnipropetrovska region have detected network consisting of 6 porno studios in ...
10.11.2010 14:59
In the evening in the village youth celebrated parting ceremony devoted to the guy who was going to serve in the army.
03.11.2010 18:00
If previously one could meet girls at least at the age of 20 working as prostitutes, now nobody will be surprised if he meets 13-year-old girls in brothels.
02.11.2010 15:44
In Mariupol, Donetska region law enforcement officers arrested two local businessmen, who for two years had been engaged in sexual defilement of minors.
29.10.2010 14:07
As a result of a special operation a citizen of one of the neighboring states was apprehended who tried to take three Ukrainian women into sexual slavery.
25.10.2010 16:22
MP Oleh Liashko and Serhii Osyka were expelled from the parliamentary faction BYuT. The corresponding decision was taken unanimously at the faction meeting on October 18, reports the press service ...
19.10.2010 10:07
MP of faction ByuT Oleh Liashko continues to insist that homosexual scandal he is involved has been organized by authorities. Moreover, parliamentarian said names of those who are allegedly involved ...
13.10.2010 14:10
BYuT does not exclude the possibility of excluding MP Oleh Liashko from the faction because of sex, bribes or business, a MP of the BYuT faction Volodymyr Yavorivskyi said.
11.10.2010 17:14
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