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Somali pirates have received a $5.5 million ransom for a German-operated tanker, the Marida Marguerite, which was held for eight months, the Sovfracht Maritime Bulletin Internet Publication reported on Tuesday.
28.12.2010 16:51
The pirates who hijacked the Eleni P, a ship with a citizen of Ukraine on board, in May 2010 have agreed on the amount of a ransom, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry ...
07.12.2010 17:43
Somali pirates have attacked the Pistis, a Greek bulk cargo ship that was en route from the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa to Taiwan, in the Arabian Sea 300 miles ...
30.11.2010 17:37
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry is working to achieve the release of Ukrainian sailors that were captured by Somali pirates on October 23.
26.10.2010 15:59
Somali pirates released a Greek ship seized on September 25, which consists of 12 citizens of Ukraine, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Ruslan Demchenko.
27.09.2010 14:28
Pirates have seized the Salma, a ship with four Ukrainians on board, off the coast of Cameroon.
17.09.2010 16:59
U.S. Marines released the crew of a hijacked German-owned cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden on Thursday with two Russians and a Ukrainian national onboard.
10.09.2010 17:58
Today, on September 9, it is reported that Somali pirates hijacked a German container ship Magellan Star in Gulf of Aden, which went under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda.
09.09.2010 10:59
Somali pirates released a Turkish ship Frigia. There are two citizens of Ukraine on the board.
29.07.2010 13:56
All 12 sailors of the crew of the German ship Polonia are released. They were abducted on a Friday night by pirates on the raid of an oil terminal in ...
05.07.2010 11:29
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