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MP of Simferopol District Council of the faction Bloc For Yanukovych!, Director of the agricultural cooperative Niva-Agro Volodymyr Papunov was brutally murdered on Saturday night.
19.04.2010 11:55
The criminal case against ex-MP from BYuT Viktor Lozynski, accused of involvement in the death of the resident of Kirovohrad Region Valeri Oliinyk, may be reclassified to an article about ...
16.04.2010 15:29
In Horlovka Donetsk region a criminal case is opened against 23-year-old woman, who smothered her 4-month-old baby.
15.04.2010 17:37
The investigation department of the chief office of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Kyiv says it has established who killed Russian businessman Maksim Kurochkin in Kyiv on 27 March ...
26.03.2010 15:34
Taras Chornovil promises in case of need to give consent to exhumation of the body of his father Viacheslav Chornovil.
26.03.2010 11:43
There are new details in the investigation of the case of the former MP Viktor Lozynski, who is accused of the tragic death of the resident of Kirovohrad Region Valeri ...
24.03.2010 13:50
A businessman Anton met with Edward during a business trip in Zaporizhzhia, giving ad in the teletext on one of the local TV channels.
18.03.2010 14:16
Accused of murdering a resident of the village Hrushki, Kirovohrad Region Valeri Oliinyk former MP from the BYuT Viktor Lozynski finished the victim off like a wild animal while driving ...
18.03.2010 10:19
A citizen of the People's Republic of China was killed while an attempt to resist thieves in the Kherson Region.
17.03.2010 12:27
On Tuesday shooting took place in broad daylight on Staronavodnytska Street in the Pechersk district in Kyiv.
11.03.2010 13:08
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