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Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko won case on protection of honor and dignity in the Solomenskyi court of Kyiv. Now the defendant, businessman Hennadi Korban must pay Pavlo Lazarenko ...
27.05.2010 11:57
On May 11 police arrested a pupil of 9th form on suspicion of murdering his mother in Odesa, told a representative of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of the ...
13.05.2010 15:59
A wild and preposterous murder occurred in Makeevka, Dobetsk Region. The tragedy happened at a hospital under the eyes of frightened patients.
11.05.2010 17:34
At the weekend it was reported that on Vysotskoho Street the corpse of a young man with multiple stab wound was found in Odesa.
05.05.2010 17:28
The police will find out within the framework of a criminal investigation against Chernihiv maniac why this man after medical treatment in December last year fell out of the control ...
29.04.2010 15:32
The maniac Nazi from Chernihiv, who killed three pensioners on the birthday of Hitler, is placed in the solitary confinement.
26.04.2010 13:49
The press managed to learn the details of commission of crimes and detention of Chernihiv maniac-Nazi schizophrenic, who killed with a shovel three elderly people.
23.04.2010 12:04
Police detained a man suspected in the murders committed in Chernihiv on Wednesday night.
22.04.2010 11:30
In Chernihiv in the evening on April 20, yesterday three men were killed during several hours with extreme cruelty.
21.04.2010 15:48
Deputy Director of the firm Holovanivskyi Bazar, controlled by an ex-MP Viktor Lozynskyi, claimed that it was he, not the MP, who killed a resident of Holovanivsk district Valeri Oliinyk.
21.04.2010 14:17
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