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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Bill "On Amendments to Article 212 of the Family Code of Ukraine (regarding adoption)”.
02.11.2010 12:48
Recently local elections have been held in Ukraine. We do not still know the winners of elections to local authorities on October 31. It is possible to know the results ...
02.11.2010 12:08
MP, leader of the Crimean republican organization of the Communist Party of Ukraine Leonid Hrach decided to withdraw from the parliamentary coalition.
28.10.2010 12:53
To date, the MP of the Regions Party and former Prosecutor General Sviatoslav Piskun has the most realistic chances to become the new Prosecutor General.
26.10.2010 17:51
Candidate for mayor of Kharkiv, the head of the Kharkiv regional organization of the All-Ukrainian Union Batkivschyna, the former chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Arsen Avakov says that ...
22.10.2010 10:15
The investigators had evidence of the murder of Viacheslav Chornovil, according to former head of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), head of the council of the party Our Ukraine Valentyn ...
15.10.2010 17:56
A MP of Ukraine Taras Chornovil doubts that paymasters of the murder of his father, Viacheslav Chornovil, will be punished.
13.10.2010 16:56
MP of faction ByuT Oleh Liashko continues to insist that homosexual scandal he is involved has been organized by authorities. Moreover, parliamentarian said names of those who are allegedly involved ...
13.10.2010 14:10
BYuT does not exclude the possibility of excluding MP Oleh Liashko from the faction because of sex, bribes or business, a MP of the BYuT faction Volodymyr Yavorivskyi said.
11.10.2010 17:14
Today MPs discussed the law "On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” in the Verkhovna Rada, which had to be amended in connection with the decision of the Constitutional Court ...
07.10.2010 13:25
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