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Tbilisi hopes that Ukraine will show interest in cooperation within GUAM, said Georgian National Security Council Secretary Giorgi Bokeria.
23.12.2010 17:38
Customs services of Ukraine, Georgia and Slovakia reached a number of cooperation agreements.
15.12.2010 09:13
Ukraine is considering the possibility of extending the terms for the legal stay of Georgian citizens in Ukraine without renewed registration, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said.
06.12.2010 17:16
Georgia wants to coordinate its actions with Ukraine as both countries bid to join the EU, Georgian Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration Giorgi Baramidze has said.
12.11.2010 16:28
Georgian director and playwright Raguli Vlasidze has leaded the football and art movement. He is sure that EURO-2012 is a great chance for Ukraine to express itself on the world ...
11.11.2010 11:54
Ukrainian ship ‘Accord’, which since July 28, has been under arrest in the Georgian port of Poti, is released.
01.11.2010 13:24
General Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal investigation into trafficking in arms to Georgia. One of the suspects in this case can be ex-Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko.
25.10.2010 17:56
The General Prosecutor’s Office began an unscheduled check of the state company Ukroboronservis.
18.10.2010 15:54
Ukraine has ranked the next to the last place among 40 countries in Europe in the ranking of countries in wealth.
18.10.2010 11:41
Ukrainians must put an end to rushing between Europe and the Russian Federation: corrupt and authoritarian Russia can not serve as a model for any of the countries in the ...
12.10.2010 16:03
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