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75 percents of tickets for matches of the European Football Championship 2012 will be in sale, the rest will be assigned according to quotas for different target groups.
12.11.2010 17:38
The relations between Ukraine and Hungary have a good basis for the strengthening of the political dialogue and the overall development of economic cooperation.
12.11.2010 17:15
Georgia wants to coordinate its actions with Ukraine as both countries bid to join the EU, Georgian Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration Giorgi Baramidze has said.
12.11.2010 16:28
Ukrainian superheavyweight boxer Oleksandr Dymytrenko has become a citizen of Germany. The document was presented to him at the ceremony in Hamburg.
12.11.2010 15:00
The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine activates the extradition of the former Minister of Economy Bohdan Danylyshyn from the Czech Republic to Ukraine, according to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine ...
12.11.2010 13:21
Georgian director and playwright Raguli Vlasidze has leaded the football and art movement. He is sure that EURO-2012 is a great chance for Ukraine to express itself on the world ...
11.11.2010 11:54
Red mud from Hungary, which poured from the plant after the man-made disaster, has appeared in Ukraine in the Black Sea, according to scientists of the Ukrainian Scientific Center of ...
11.11.2010 10:29
Employees of the Directorate for combating crimes related to human traffic at the Main Directorate of Interior Ministry in Dnipropetrovska region have detected network consisting of 6 porno studios in ...
10.11.2010 14:59
Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Mykola Prisiazhniuk and Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of Austria, Nikolaus Berlakovich signed a memorandum.
09.11.2010 13:44
The European Union has granted a visa-free regime to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
08.11.2010 15:57
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