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Ex-Economy Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn said that he did not work with any documents on public procurement.
03.09.2010 10:21
Ex-Economy Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn, who has been searched by Interpol since late August, said he is not fleeing from the prosecution. He told about it in a telephone interview.
02.09.2010 17:26
Interpol is searching for Former Minister of Economy Bohdan Danylyshyn . His name appears on the Interpol web site in the list of wanted persons.
31.08.2010 17:58
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Monday left on a one-day official visit to Germany.
30.08.2010 17:29
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych says that one of Europe’s biggest solar plants will be put into operation in Ukraine as soon as this year.
26.08.2010 14:20
Default and deterioration of living standards are expected to be in Ukraine, according to a famous Russian economist, president of the company Neokon Mikhil Khazin.
20.08.2010 15:39
Pecherskyi district court in Kyiv decided to arrest the ex-Minister of Economy of Ukraine Bohdan Danylyshyn and to deliver him to court in custody for choosing a preventive measure for ...
19.08.2010 17:58
A full range of search and rescue operations are being conducted as part of a criminal case on the disappearance of journalist Vasyl Klymentiev from Kharkiv.
19.08.2010 17:41
The General Prosecutor’s Office has put ex-Economy Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn in the wanted list.
19.08.2010 16:37
The German authorities do not have information about staying of the former Minister of Economy of Ukraine Bohdan Danylyshyn within the territory of the country.
19.08.2010 10:44
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