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National Bank of Ukraine asks Ukrainians to remain calm and "and not to buy the foreign currency”.
15.01.2010 11:57
In 2009 small and medium business withdrew the country out of the crisis, claimed head of the State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Oleksandra Kuzhel.
06.01.2010 13:59
Financial experts predict strengthening of national currency rate, which will begin immediately after the election, upon condition the National Bank of Ukraine carries on an appropriate policy.
05.01.2010 10:39
A sharp drop in the shadow earnings and growth of the dollar made the Ukrainians the poor. Following the results of October, Ukraine dropped to the last place on wages ...
21.12.2009 11:28
Ukraine's Acting Minister of Finance Ihor Umansky and Deputy Finance Minister Anatoly Myarkovsky on the official delegation flew to Washington for another round of talks at the headquarters of the ...
17.12.2009 09:45
The government asks the International Monetary Fund to give Ukraine US $2 bn in December – a half of the fourth tranche loan, which the Government hoped to get at ...
14.12.2009 09:52
IMF decided to refuse Ukraine the grant of a 4th tranche loan stand by in the amount of US $3.5 bn until the presidential elections are over.
11.12.2009 14:19
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