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In Mariupol, Donetska region law enforcement officers arrested two local businessmen, who for two years had been engaged in sexual defilement of minors.
29.10.2010 14:07
In Kirovohrad, a few hours before the arrival of the President of Ukraine to the city, an explosion was heard near the buildings of regional prosecutor’s office, police district department ...
27.10.2010 11:36
Сourt chose preventive measure for a candidate for mayor of Donetsk from the party United Center Andrii Ambrosenok the detention for 2 months.
26.10.2010 13:09
Ex-lawyer of Oleksii Pukach Oleh Musienko claims on the illegality of his removal from the case and requires to open a criminal case against the investigator of the General Prosecutor’s ...
25.10.2010 18:09
General Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal investigation into trafficking in arms to Georgia. One of the suspects in this case can be ex-Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko.
25.10.2010 17:56
An international audit of the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Yulia Tymoshenko may lead to the international courts, as it has been noticed previously against Pavlo Lazarenko.
22.10.2010 17:55
The General Prosecutor’s Office is ready to study the materials of the international audit of the Cabinet of Ministers’ activity headed by Yulia Tymoshenko.
22.10.2010 15:28
In the Dnipropetrovska region woman killed her lover, drug addict, who had returned home being drunk, with his crutch, when he started sorting things out with her.
22.10.2010 14:14
Chervonozavodskyi district police department in Kharkiv opened a criminal case on beating a member of the electoral headquarters of the Kharkiv organization of the party Batkivschyna Morika Liashenko.
21.10.2010 13:13
Lawyer of former Minister of Economy of Ukraine Stepan Ukrainets says that Bohdan Danylyshyn is considering the possibility to seek political asylum.
21.10.2010 11:20
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