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Employees of the Directorate for combating crimes related to human traffic at the Main Directorate of Interior Ministry in Dnipropetrovska region have detected network consisting of 6 porno studios in ...
10.11.2010 14:59
Ex-Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko has appealed against the institution of criminal proceedings against him. He said this on Tuesday on Channel 5.
10.11.2010 10:18
Yesterday in the evening, on November 8, in Kyiv near the exit from the subway station Livoberezhna a person unknown knifed a man and injured a girl, witness, 19.
09.11.2010 14:07
Yurii Lutsenko believes that the criminal case against him has been opened by political motives.
09.11.2010 09:55
The investigators have serious questions about the objectivity of tests in the case on poisoning of Viktor Yuschenko, Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka said.
08.11.2010 13:56
Interior Ministry of Ukraine together with the SBU apprehended police chief at the industrial market ‘7th kilometer’ for bribe-taking.
05.11.2010 15:45
Employees of the Office of the SBU in the Odeska region exposed theft of public funds by officials of the Office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Odesa as ...
04.11.2010 11:21
In the evening in the village youth celebrated parting ceremony devoted to the guy who was going to serve in the army.
03.11.2010 18:00
If previously one could meet girls at least at the age of 20 working as prostitutes, now nobody will be surprised if he meets 13-year-old girls in brothels.
02.11.2010 15:44
In Kyiv, in a private house on Scherbakova Street one could know about his fate, to solve family problems and remove evil curse paying 100 hryvnias for it.
01.11.2010 17:54
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