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The Supreme Court has extended sentence of the prime suspect in the murder of journalist Heorhii Honhadze Oleksii Pukach until December 8.
07.10.2010 15:44
MIGnews.com.ua reported on sex scandal with a MP of BYuT Oleh Liashko, who told about details of his sexual life with a man named Borys in the talk with an ...
07.10.2010 12:39
After the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the recognition of the political reform in 2004 as unconstitutional one Ukrainian politicians began to make predictions about the upcoming ...
05.10.2010 10:06
The Kyiv regional court in Donetsk closed the case on prosecution against a citizen of Ukraine Givi Nemsadze, at the request of the General Prosecutor's Office yesterday, on September 16.
17.09.2010 13:25
Authorities are calling for continuing the President's authority up to 7 years, the vice speaker of parliament Mykola Tomenko told at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the briefing.
13.09.2010 15:05
SBU Valerii Khoroshkovskyi ordered to transfer criminal cases against ex-first deputy head of Naftogaz of Ukraine Ihor Didenko and ex-head of State Customs Service Anatolii Makarenko in court until Sept. ...
13.09.2010 12:34
The company Vanco Prykerchenska and the government of Ukraine will sign an amicable agreement till late September, told a source in the Cabinet of Ministers.
08.09.2010 10:31
Court authorized the search of the apartment of former Deputy Minister of Transport in the government of Yulia Tymoshenko - head of the State Aviation Administration Oleksandr Davydov.
02.09.2010 12:08
Ex-head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko demands to bring the Minister of Education and Science Dmytro Tabachnyk to the criminal responsibility for the denial of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as ...
02.09.2010 10:10
Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Hanna Herman won a court case that was initiated against her by BYuT MP Andrii Shkil.
01.09.2010 17:29
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