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As a part of the agreement on the stationing of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea 4-5 agreements will be prepared between Ukraine and Russia in the nearest time.
06.09.2010 17:44
Prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers the discount is reasonable, which was given by Russia to Ukraine while paying for the Russian gas.
31.08.2010 12:25
The next meeting of Ukrainian-Russian intergovernmental commission on the level of two Presidents will take place in autumn 2010.
19.08.2010 16:54
Moscow Mayor Yurii Luzhkov and Head of Sevastopol City State Administration Valerii Saratov signed a program of cooperation between the governments of Moscow and Sevastopol City State Administration for 2011-2013.
26.07.2010 15:59
It is necessary to develop relations with Russia through the implementation of mutually beneficial bilateral projects in the industrial field.
25.06.2010 13:28
Russian Black Sea fleet, stationed in Sevastopol, is planned to strengthen the warships of the Baltic Fleet, reported a source in the General Staff of the Navy of Russia.
11.06.2010 15:53
Moscow gave Kyiv unprecedented discount on gas in exchange for a new agreement on the Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine was expected to permit Rosatom to participate in the construction of ...
01.06.2010 10:39
Ukraine may lose the Crimea, and this will become the result of the Kharkiv agreement on the prolongation of the staying of the Black Sea Fleet on the peninsula.
26.05.2010 18:08
A MP from the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Yuri Hrymchak is hospitalized in a Kyiv hospital with a diagnosis of a heart attack.
21.05.2010 16:02
Ukraine faces a split, if the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will continue to "incline to Moscow", the leader of a united democratic opposition Yulia Tymoshenko said.
19.05.2010 14:21
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