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National Bank of Ukraine will hold a board meeting today, at which, probably, the issue of payment for imported gas will be discussed.
06.01.2010 18:01
Financial experts predict strengthening of national currency rate, which will begin immediately after the election, upon condition the National Bank of Ukraine carries on an appropriate policy.
05.01.2010 10:39
Dry law, evacuators, junction on Moskovska square and three new subway stations are expected to appear in the capital of Ukraine in 2010.
28.12.2009 13:33
MP Andriy Portnov states that in 2010 Victor Yushchenko can sit on the dock on the case of bankruptcy of the bank Ukraine.
28.12.2009 11:29
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made a decision on the transfer of depositors of the bank Nadra in the State Bank Rodovid, claimed Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.
23.12.2009 14:26
The Ministry of Finance recognized that the fourth tranche of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Ukraine will not be assigned.
23.12.2009 13:47
Ukraine's Acting Minister of Finance Ihor Umansky and Deputy Finance Minister Anatoly Myarkovsky on the official delegation flew to Washington for another round of talks at the headquarters of the ...
17.12.2009 09:45
The Western Union Company is making consultations with the National Bank of Ukraine to settle the questions which were raised to the service which was provided by the company since ...
15.12.2009 12:04
The government asks the International Monetary Fund to give Ukraine US $2 bn in December – a half of the fourth tranche loan, which the Government hoped to get at ...
14.12.2009 09:52
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